Sunday, 28 January 2018

Fashion | My Thoughts on Jewellery brand Lovisa

On Saturday I went shopping with my boyfriend to touchwood in Solihull. It was a wet miserable day and couldnt stand to be outside.
It was nice to just walk around and have a look in the shops and as we did, we came across this unique and cute jewellery shop called Lovisa, which is Australian so I thought I would have a look. 15mins later I come out with three necklaces!
They had the most beautiful jewellery and couldnt stop picking it up. It was layed out in all the different types of silver, gold, rosegold and Black. I couldnt resist and bought these stunning necklaces which I cant wait to style with my outfits.
Most people that know me know I love jewellery but simple long necklaces with interesting shapes or diamantes on.

1| Gold chains with pretty pearls.

2| Rosegold chain with a square and a circle.

3| Black chain with circles.

I love them and think they are so unique. I get excited when I find new brands and at such reasonable prices too. Cant wait to see what they have on my next shopping trip.
Next time your in town check them out, with stores in London too they are definitely worth looking in and they make perfect gifts too!
What is your favourite jewellery brand?

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