Friday, 11 November 2016

Fashion | Shopping in Palma City

Embroidered Jumper:  Zara

I don't know about you, but I love to explore the shops whenever I visit a city, either in the UK or when I'm abroad. Palma was a beautiful city and had various shops from the high street to high end. I always have to try and find a Bershka whenever I'm away as I love the styles and always find it so reasonable!

I hit Zara, Bershka and C&A as I don't always get to shop these brands and find the shops abroad are better laid out than the ones in the UK. I love to find something different and unique and picked up these few pieces whilst I was away..

Sheer Long Sleeve Khaki Top: Bershka

I loved this sheer top as it's on trend at the moment and also in my favourite colour, Khaki green. I thought it was simple but sexy at the same time and love how it came with a strappy crop top in the same colour to wear underneath, which saves me from searching for the right top to wear it with!
I wore it with a Black leather mini skirt for dinner last weekend.

Suede Choker style necklaces: Zara

I also picked up these suede chokers from Zara as I loved the detail on them and thought they felt really chic and expensive, even though they were only about £12! I love how they will go with any outfit and you can either wear them on their own or both together.

Studded earrings | C&A

I loved these style of earrings when they first came out, and bought my first pair in Milan. C&A had such a big range of earrings and I fell in love with all of these! Pearls are my favourite and I find these interesting as the earring doesn't just sit at the front of your ear but at the back too. Genius!

Shopping is my all time favourite, fun and satisfying way to spend my spare time. I hope you have enjoyed reading my post and like what I picked up.
What are your favourite pieces to buy?

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