Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Travel | A few days in Milan

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Milan in Italy for a special occasion with my family.
It was so nice to go on a city break for a few days, and spend some quality time with my family, despite the weather being awful!
This was my second time visiting the beautiful city, and it never disappoints.

When we got there we just had to visit the beautiful and amazing Duomo Cathedral, with is right in the centre of Milan in the piazza. We went inside and admired the stunning detailing and architecture. I always take one look at it and just go "wow". I want to constantly take pictures, its my favourite!



    We visited the cathedral at night too, as we went out for dinner every night to experience proper
    Italian food, which was amazing! and it looked just as beautiful. I loved how its all lit up and you
    can see the pretty pinks reflecting from the other buildings opposite.

     We also visited the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, this is such a beautiful building, with designer shops
    cafes and restaurants. If I had a lot of money to spend, I would definitely be spending it here!
    My mission was to visit the Gucci cafĂ©, as I had seen and heard how good it was, but It was
    unfortunately closed! So I will definitely be visiting it on my next trip to Milan!

Our hotel was called the Grand Rosa and it was the most stunning hotel I have ever stayed in. The interior was absolutely amazing and if I went back to Milan, I would be staying here again. The rooms and the restaurant and bar area were so glam and had that luxurious feel, which made the whole experience worthwhile. Everytime we stepped foot inside we felt special. We got little chocolates by the bed, had our bed made ready at night with slippers and everything. To top it off it was literally around the corner from the Duomo! Perfect location.. 

Where have you been where you have felt special and want to go back in the future? I love a bit of glam!

Friday, 11 November 2016

Fashion | Shopping in Palma City

Embroidered Jumper:  Zara

I don't know about you, but I love to explore the shops whenever I visit a city, either in the UK or when I'm abroad. Palma was a beautiful city and had various shops from the high street to high end. I always have to try and find a Bershka whenever I'm away as I love the styles and always find it so reasonable!

I hit Zara, Bershka and C&A as I don't always get to shop these brands and find the shops abroad are better laid out than the ones in the UK. I love to find something different and unique and picked up these few pieces whilst I was away..

Sheer Long Sleeve Khaki Top: Bershka

I loved this sheer top as it's on trend at the moment and also in my favourite colour, Khaki green. I thought it was simple but sexy at the same time and love how it came with a strappy crop top in the same colour to wear underneath, which saves me from searching for the right top to wear it with!
I wore it with a Black leather mini skirt for dinner last weekend.

Suede Choker style necklaces: Zara

I also picked up these suede chokers from Zara as I loved the detail on them and thought they felt really chic and expensive, even though they were only about £12! I love how they will go with any outfit and you can either wear them on their own or both together.

Studded earrings | C&A

I loved these style of earrings when they first came out, and bought my first pair in Milan. C&A had such a big range of earrings and I fell in love with all of these! Pearls are my favourite and I find these interesting as the earring doesn't just sit at the front of your ear but at the back too. Genius!

Shopping is my all time favourite, fun and satisfying way to spend my spare time. I hope you have enjoyed reading my post and like what I picked up.
What are your favourite pieces to buy?

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Travel | Top sites to visit whilst in Majorca

I absolutely love to travel and see the world, to experience different cultures, relax, shop and of course sightseeing.
A couple of weeks ago I travelled to Northern Spain to a place called Puerto Pollensa near Alcudia in Majorca. It was incredible to see so many different views and places. I have been to Spain numerous times but always mainland or city breaks to Barcelona and Madrid so it made a nice change to see the Northern part.

Me and my boyfriend stayed at an all inclusive hotel, and although I prefer to eat out in the restaurants, it was quite nice to be able to relax in the evenings and choose what we wanted to eat after such long days of travelling. Our hotel was very central to where we wanted to visit and only an hour away from Palma! We hired a car and drove around the whole island and this is where I want to share with you my top sites to visit whilst in Majorca...

Beautiful View from out hotel balcony

Day one | We took a trip to Palma City on our first day and just had to visit the stunning cathedral!

I also love roaming the back streets of Spain and seeing the old streets and coloured buildings.

Whilst we were in Palma, I couldn't resist a trip to the shops, which my amazing boyfriend organised for me, as he knows exactly where I like to shop! So of course I had to go to Zara, as I'm sure many of you know is a Spanish brand and there stores are so much tidier than the ones in the UK, making you want to buy more! 
Near to the Cathedral was a beautiful castle/church called La Llotja with the most amazing architecture. I'm always snapping whilst I'm away as I become inspired by interiors.

Then we took a trip to Bellver Castle which was another amazing site to visit, we walked all around and although most of it was ruins, it was still worthwhile to visit.

Day 2 | Cala Gat | Whilst on our travels, we came across a beautiful little beach that you could have easily missed as it was tucked away for no one to find! It was a perfect hideaway to sunbathe and relax and although the weather wasn't really hot, it was warm enough and comfortable. Next to the beach led to  some stairs that had the most incredible view from the top. The sea was sparking from the sun and was so pleasant.

Santuari De Sant Salvador | We drove up this windy and long mountain which seemed to take forever but it was one of those moments that you feel it was worthwhile as we got to the top we could see the whole of Spain, which was amazing! It was so nice we had to take the opportunity and had a picnic at the top!

Day 3 | The Pine Walk. On our last day we took a walk along the pine walk which covers the edge of the beach, near to where we were staying. It was so pretty with large green trees leaning over the paths and little coves of beaches and boats were docked all around. It was also really peaceful and somewhere I could easily relax and walk every week if I lived there.

Mirador Formentor. This was probably my favourite view points. We drove all the way up the top of the mountains and it was so hot when we got there but the views were breath taking, we just stood there and all we could hear was the sea. The rock formations and cliffs were soo beautiful I could have stayed there for days.

 Lastly we drove to the other side and went up another mountain to visit Cap de Formentor which was like a lighthouse. We also got to see some incredible views from here too AND we did it all in 3 days!

Looking back at these pictures, it makes me want to go again and appreciate that I'm lucky to have seen this beautiful Island and if you get the chance to travel, I highly recommend Puerto Pollensa.