Saturday, 22 September 2018

Fashion | Top 10 outfit inspo

 1. Black lace with Camel
Top : Topshop | Skirt : River Island| Heels : New Look

I love to find an excuse to dress up for any ocassion. Whilst on holiday in Crete, I got to wear all my favourite items from my summer wardrobe. I like to make an effort and love putting looks together. Here are my top 10 outfits and details for inspiration.

 2. White with hints of Red and Gold
Top: Missguided | Skort: River Island | Wedges: River Island

3. LBD
Dress : River Island | Heels: New Look

4. Cream lace and shimmer tones
Lace top: Zara | Skirt: Topshop | Wedges: River Island

5. Black and Rose suede
Top : Missguided | Pencil skirt: River Island | Heels: New Look

6. Black and Gold
Top: H&M | Skirt: Topshop | Wedges: River Island | Boxbag: Missguided

7. White and Beige
Bodysuit: New Look | Skirt: New look | Heels: New Look | Clutch: River Island

8. Baby Blue
Dress: New Look | Heels: New Look

9. White with hints of lilacy Pink
Top : Topshop | Skirt: Missguided | Heels: New Look | Clutch: Katie Loxton

10. Monochrome
Top: Zara | Skirt: River Island | Heels: New Look |Lace Choker: Miss Selfridge

Love Fashion | Love style x

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Travel | My trip to Crete

So, last month I came back from the most amazing trip to Crete in Greece.
I love travelling so much and learning about different cultures and after falling in love with Zante last year, me and my love decided to explore other Greek islands starting with Crete.
We stayed in the capital of Crete -Heraklion in a beautiful hotel called Galaxy in the heart of the city. We hired a car for the duration of our stay and got to visit lots of beautiful places on the island and thought I would share this on my blog. Here are the top places to visit in Crete -

Day one | Exploring Heraklion city
As we were only a 10 minute walk from the city centre, we headed out on our first day to check out the city and see the sites. We came across this beautiful cathedral called Agios Minas. The architecture was just stunning and we had the place to ourselves that day, as it was a national holiday in Greece.  We also visited other various places throughout the city, including the Venetian Fortress and had a walk around the port. 

Day Two | Day trip to Agios Nikolaos.
On our second day we drove to a small town called Agios Nikolaos. It was beautiful and full of pretty restaurants and boats. I love all the coloured buildings and find them to be pastel in most cities I visit. They look so pretty.


Day 3 | Knossos Palace

On our third day we went to the historical site of Knossos Palace. It was so interesting learning about all the history and all the interesting sites. I remember this day to be very hot too!

We also spent the afternoon at this pretty little beach that was a hideaway! it was so small with lots of pebbles and right underneath a bridge, but amazing to chill and jump the waves in the sea.

Day 4 | Lake Kournas

We drove out to a beautiful place called Lake Kournas, it was stunning and so idyllic. We hired a pedalo boat and went all around the lake trying to spot turtles. It was so peaceful and so much fun, with the most beautiful views.

Day 5 | Chill out day at Lygaria Beach

This was a stunning beach with a beautiful restaurant overlooking the sea. We went there for lunch and enjoyed Cretan olive oil and breads and then walked around the area where there was a stunning hotel, featuring four poster beds as sunbeds and lovely views.

Day 6 | Shopping in Heraklion

I couldn't resist checking out the shops in the city, as some we don't have in the UK - like Stradivarius. They have some beautiful things and also went to Zara, Bershka and the usual shops that I love to visit in the city. We also took a train ride around the city to learn about all the different sites. We also couldn't resist the urge for a large ice cream, which was divine and in a cone with hundreds of thousands!

Day 7 | Road trip to Matala beach

I absolutely loved this place and was probably my favourite beach we visited. Not only was it great to sunbathe and jump the waves but also they had the best restaurants overlooking the sea. We had a beautiful lunch and walked around the different little coves and just loved the culture there. I had beetroot bread which wasn't only Pink but tasted yummy!

Day 8 | Boat trip to Spinalonga Island and BBQ

We took a boat trip to a small island called Spinalonga which is where people who had lepracy were treated years ago. It was interesting to learn about the history and you could only get to the island by boat. We also had a BBQ on the boat and stopped off at a small beach to relax.

Day 9 | Chill out day at Fodele beach

After a busy day the day before, we decided to chill out on the nearest beach which was Fodele. It was about a half an hour drive away and loved the sea there. I spent ages jumping the waves and had the time of my life. It took me back to my family holidays where I used to love being in the sea.

Day 10 | Trip to Rethymno town

On our last day we spent the full day exploring Rethymno town and omg it was so beautiful! It was probably my most favourite places we visited from the holiday. Every street had stunning pastel coloured buildings and it was so pretty. We also visited lovely little shops which had such nice gifts and displays of local artists. There were some amazing restaurants too with beautiful florals and plants everywhere. Last but not least we visited the Fortezza Castle before heading back to the hotel.

If your thinking of heading to Greece next year for your hols, don't rule out the beautiful Heraklion and Chania. I went to Zante last year and fell in love with the island, and Greece never seems to disappoint. Any island is worth visiting and I can't wait for the next trip .