Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Fashion | Setting up a business

It's taken me some time to pluck up the courage to write this post, so I thought I would share my story with you lovely followers about setting up a business and the struggles, my business being my own fashion brand - Rhona Anne - www.rhona-anne.com.

After completing my BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Design, I graduated from Kingston University, London. It was the hardest three years of my life, stressful, demanding, challenging and I was constantly up against the likes of people who could never do no wrong, who could be the best of friends with the likes of Victoria Beckham, because it's who you know right? Not what you know?

I got through those three years though because I wanted to, I wanted nothing more than to get a degree and make a success out of my career, I went from an A grade in Art to a distinction in Fashion at college, to a BA Hons Degree and thought with those qualifications I could become a top designer for a top fashion brand/designer but I was wrong! After Uni I was even offered work experience but there was never anything at the end of it. I was so close, yet so far. Since then I've struggled to get my dream job. This frustrates me...a lot. As I'm sure a lot of graduates may feel the same, it still feels like your alone, like it was a whole waste of time.

So I decided that I wasn't going to give up and in 2014 I launched my own brand and made it personal to me. I wanted people to know me as my brand. It was a challenge to say the least!
I worked extremely hard to build it, I designed my own collection, pattern cut each design, toiled it up, I sourced my own production company, arranged endless meetings, designed and created my own website, had everything produced, set up social media, collaborated with bloggers and photographers on fashion shoots, had my designs featured in magazines, I even showcased at London Fashion Week, oh and I was a selected designer in the Midlands Fashion Awards and for the cosmopolitan show during Oxford Fashion Week but somehow it isn't enough... however, I feel if you are different, if you have something to offer someone, if your unique or talented in another way, even if there isn't a job at the end of it, never give up on your dreams, because its only you who can bring that to life. I didn't give up and I've achieved so much. You have to keep believing in yourself, one day Rhona Anne will be the next Dior, the next dream, the next designer someone looks up to. I think the quote is "Good things come to those who wait".
I'm proud of my business and sometimes I lose sight of that, I forget I've designed and built something from scratch and although it may take time, I will reach my goals.

To those who have knocked me down in life, who are you? what have you achieved? are you any better?
I may work in retail temporarily alongside working towards building my brand but I have a dream, I have a degree, I have qualifications, I've worked for Amanda Wakeley, I've travelled but most importantly I've worked so so hard and it WILL pay off in the end.
So please.....don't judge.

Oxford Fashion Week

London Fashion Week

 London Fashion Week

Girls just want to have fun photoshoot

Midlands Fashion Awards


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