Saturday, 20 January 2018

Style | Top 5 pretty cafes to visit

1 | Lola's Cupcakes, Selfridge's Birmingham.
Who else loves to check out all the pretty and unique cafes for coffee, hot chocolate and more importantly- yummy cakes? I love to visit cafes wherever I go and find it exciting when I find somewhere unique and cute. I came across this new cute little find in Selfridge's last year and was amazed by the girly pink teapots and cups and not to mention all the different cupcakes on offer. 

2 | Elan Cafe, 48 Park Lane, Mayfair - London
I always try to look out for different places to visit and find inspiration on Instagram. I came across this beautiful cafe in London and just had to visit it. The interior is so pretty with pastel colouring's, floral's and stylish and contemporary decor. I had the best breakfast - poached eggs and smoked salmon on a muffin with a cherry hot chocolate. So comforting and yummy on a cold day. It is the best cafe by far to have found, and I'm sure I will find others along the way. This was elegant, chic and feminine - a perfect find.

3| Aubaine, Selfridges - London.
I also found this beautiful place on Instagram, as many bloggers have visited and all that attracted me was the lavender hanging from the ceiling! It's a very instagramable place and I think most bloggers have visited this place over time. I love the setting, with the lavender and the elegant decor. The only downside to this place was the staff, as I didn't find them to be very friendly which is a shame, as its somewhere I've always wanted to visit. The food was lovely as I enjoyed soup and bread with a naughty portion of chips. It was also very busy, with being popular and in the best department store in London. I would love to go again, as its so pretty but maybe just for a quick hot chocolate and cake.

4 | Peggy Porschen Cakes, Belgravia - London
I adore Peggy Porschen. The first time I went was last year in January, for a day out in London. It's the best place to go for a treat and probably a place to visit with the girls, as its so girly and pink. They do the best cupcakes and as its such a small cafe and probably the most visited cafe in London, it gets very busy so you have to pick the best time to go. I also went last year for my birthday, which was a lovely treat, As I enjoyed hot chocolate and a small chocolate cupcake. My favourite is cupcakes and I think its definitely somewhere to visit for a birthday.

5| Gran Cafe, Selfridge's - Birmingham
Lastly, I came across this beautiful cafe in Selfridge's in Birmingham whilst Christmas shopping last year. It's a gorgeous Italian cafe that serve gelato, open sandwiches and cakes. I loved my hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows - my all time fave. It was a lovely sunny day as I enjoyed lunch with my boyfriend. Definitely worth a visit and will be going again.

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