Sunday, 3 June 2018

Travel | my 30th in Rome

 Last month I got to travel to Rome to celebrate my 30th birthday! It was such a special month full of celebrations.
Turning 30 is always deemed a bit scary, like where have the years gone and all of a sudden you find yourself in the beginning of your thirties!
I was lucky to have been taken away by my family to celebrate mine. Waking up on your 30th in a beautiful Italian city was quite a surreal moment. We stayed for 3 nights and got to visit as many places as we could and thought I would share my top places that I recommend visiting if you are lucky enough to get to go. I mean who doesnt love a city break and enjoying the beautiful architecture and sight seeing- taking all the culture in.

1. The Colleseum
On my birthday I got to visit the colleseum which was incredible! Steeped in history it was so breathtaking.

2. The Roman Museum
If you love museums you have to visit this one. Full of Roman sculptures dating way back, coinage from hundreds of years ago, mosiacs and just wonderful architecture.

3. The Roman forum and pallatine hill.
This was so breathtaking, I couldnt beleive my eyes. You cant leave Rome without taking in the beautiful scenic views and climbing your way to the top and viewing the history with the sun beaming around.

4. The Trevi fountain.
This had to be my absolute fave place. Cramped in the middle of the city is this incredible fountain with clear blue waters guarded by local police for being so precious. People even throw money into the fountain which is meant to be good luck. I even got an instagrammable moment sat looking over it.

5. The spanish steps.
Climb to the top of the steps to see the view of the city and look down over tourists and shops and restaurants just taking in the culture.

I also enjoyed a yummy black cherry gelato amongst my visit of the city, not to mention beautiful Italian food in the local restaurants. My fave has to be caprese salad - full mozarella with fresh tomatoes, drizzled in balsamic vinegar and fresh basil leaves. Whats your favourite Italian dish and where are your fave cities to visit? Cant wait to visit again, If im lucky enough I would love to visit the vatican city.

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