Sunday, 18 March 2018

Style | The prettiest cafe in Knightsbridge

Last month I got to visit probably the most Insta friendly cafe in London - Elan. I first spotted this cafe in Mayfair and fell in love with the beautiful feminine interior and unique glam menu that offers healthy breakfasts and snacks for lunch not to mention the coffee and hot chocolate choices! consisting of caramel, cherry and Nutella flavours. I love finding somewhere unique compared to the usual everyday cafes.
Its not cheap, but then when are nice things cheap? I think even if you only experience the best and most glam of places or things once in your life, then at least you have experienced it, after all you only live once...
When i found out they were opening one in Knightsbridge, I thought I have to try it as I loved the other one so much. This is even better and a lot bigger! They have a beautiful rose wall and individual roses on each table and the chairs remind me of velvet, it feels so romantic. The coffee cups are so chic in pastel Pink, making you want a take away drink to just keep the cup!
So next time your visiting London, be sure to check it out.

Where is your favourite cafe to visit?

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