Monday, 16 January 2017

Fashion | How to wear ripped jeans this season...

I love ripped jeans at the moment, I think they are so edgy and fun. Talking to my cousin recently, she came up with an awesome idea..why not wear pretty tights underneath?
As the weather is cold at the moment, I thought this was a genius idea. I want to wear my jeans but I don't know about you, I always feel the cold through them? So today I decided to try it out and find some lace tights to wear underneath, and it really does make a difference and you get to see the lace effect through the jeans!
You can be creative as you want with this style. I wanted to let the lace stand out through the Blue denim so chose Black. I cant wait to try more effects such as Black under white, coloured under denim, or fishnets or even printed tights if you wanted to be more daring.
I love layering in winter and I really like textures, so this is the perfect combo and you stay warm at the same time. Some things don't have to be kept for the summer...

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